Friday, September 13, 2019

the illegals

Too many illegals
Too many under the table
How could these illegals arrive in numbers?
The uniformed personnel have no clues?

Somebody says there is around 7 millions
Compare to about 3 million legal immigrants
Somewhere on the border issues
The system of human failures

Now we can see them
Flourishing in the cities and towns
Some may have moved to islands
Some may have gone to villages

From there they can marry the locals
The Malay women seem to fall for them
How else we read reports of dumping babies
The social sexual ills coming through

Now we read reports on TB
Who else can this deadly disease spread?
The system of human failures
Corruption is always in our minds

In smaller towns we hear of protection monies
The illegals will pay to stay in the country
The enforcement will close one eye
The food outlet operators will stay silence

So now we can see
The illegals will open shops
Outside it looks legal
Of licences under locals

Something must be done
Else TB will spread widely
A few reported cases of death
Latest one was in Penang

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