Tuesday, September 24, 2019

the moderates must stand up

The pasembo party
It can flex its muscle in the East Coast
And a certain section of the Muslim villages
If these people want to stay behind

The pasembo party
Good for rhetoric on the beach
Branding one type of sauce
Race and religion the supremacy

The wayward thinking of mental instability
It rings of bygone era to sound relevant
Forgetting religion shouldn't be in politics
It makes it a trapping of insincerity

These leaders will promise anything
But many have learned what Aceh has done
Once Muslims took control to manage it
The non-Muslims aren't spared of syariah law

The pasembo party
Let it fall to the tsunami wave
It is a party of race and religion
Dividing the nation in deep hollow

Not many Muslims will allow
Their lives of moderation taken away
This is what the pasembo party will do
The divide and rule and we can't let it breathe

Moreover, the country is secular
Governed by the Federal Constitution
It isn't for any party to change
It is the live blood of the nation

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