Sunday, September 29, 2019

the politicians once in power

The politicians once in power
They forget why they have the roles?
Because power blinds them
They can't see who elect them to office

They will show their arrogance
They aren't serving the constituents
They think the people should serve them
They will brash off if they people want to meet

They are paid well by the people
Yet these politicians in office behave badly
Once some politicians champion the poor and destitute
When in power, they seem to forget all about them

Tunku* used to say
Politics isn't a gentleman's game
At least the elected politicians should care
The complaints coming from their constituents

But we always vote base on parties
We hardly base on the personality in contests
This explains why most elected representatives are arrogant
We don't see them around until the next election season

* gave him free lunch during the time of Semangat
when they stopped over in Mersing Asked him to sign
autograph but forgot to take picture with him

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