Tuesday, September 24, 2019

the passing baton

The gentleman's agreement
Once it is strike upon
The passing of baton must be through
It doesn't have to give reasons

Once it was agreed upon
Though without formal signing document
The promise must be carried out
While others with vested interests may say differently

Now Anwar Ibrahim has to get his party in tandem
He mustn't have horses galloping in different directions
Though different opinions are welcome
The leaders must show unity to the public

Dr Mahathir mustn't prolong his welcome
The old habits seem to bounce back
He shouldn't allow it to happen
Zakir Naik problem will tarnish his reputation

Currently, his popularity has shrunk
He is trying to boost up his Bersatu
Catering to race and religion again
This isn't what PH really stood for

In the year 2020 he has to pass his baton
He shouldn't hold it for too long
The promise must be fulfilled
On May 9 is a good time

Now Anwar has to get his party in unison
This is important before he dreams of taking over the hot seat
He can't be spending time putting out fires in his party
He has to steer his party to play the role in PH

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