Sunday, September 15, 2019

in white but purity in darkness

The pasembor party
Nothing new comes out
It is still harping on race and religion
They forget the nation has many colours

The crafted charter of bad combination
It will never sound a good foundation
The members behave like zombies
They think of the lost gold

Using religion to satisfy one's dream
Of political power base isn't right way
The pasembor leaders have fallen
In the trap of Lucifer

He wants their souls for himself
The creation of chaos is his way of life
The pasembor leaders hook into it
The false hope of dawn

The leaders forget their roots
The fight of the party in the beginning
The unity of races with different religions
Fighting for a common foe

Now they sing a different tune
Of their own race and religion
Ignoring the multi-races and multi-religions
Once they forget their roots they will fail

Now they dress in white
A symbol of purity but they aren't
They have sins to be paid in full
On the wrong path to miss salvation

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