Thursday, September 12, 2019

the young kittens in the box 2

The young kittens in the box
The pitiful lives borned at the wrong time
Out of 4 now there are 2
Today I go over to the Malay outlet
I see the poor kittens will die
There is no sound in the box
Without the mother cat around
The 2 kittens will surely expire
There is nothing much to do
It is too young to feed with food
Even with milk they have to be spoon fed
It is taking too much time
So the Malay family just wait
Until the kittens fade away

The person who threw them away
He has no common sense to see
These are the young kittens
They barely can walk
He can wait for a month
Until the kittens grow older
By then they may find their own food
Even put them in the food outlets
They can struggle to survive

The kittens in the box
The final 2 will not survive tomorrow
As I look at the kittens
They huddle together to keep warm
But their lives will be cut short
Tomorrow they will say goodbye

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