Saturday, September 28, 2019

walk to Jeriau waterfall

Walk down to Jeriau waterfall
Walking the winding road
In the morning of the morning sun
Listening to the wind and insects

The peaceful walk
In the eyes of nature
The long stretch of freedom
The whispering of heartbeats

Occasionally, a motorbike will pass by
A local who stays for years working in the corporation
Living in the company of the natural way of nature
Never stops but hurry to reach his destination

Reach the Jeriau waterfall
No crowd in the water
The area is quiet as well
Sit down near the edge

Listen to the whispers
The wind will make it
Let one imagination fly
The easy living on the hill

Sometimes there will be water snake
Swimming in the pool of water
Though the locals say it is harmless
But who want to believe it?

Walk to Jeriau waterfall
In the morning of the cool wind
Let nature embrace you
Even it is for a while of bliss

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