Monday, September 23, 2019

the kampong baru KL

The kampong baru KL
Let the iconic Malay houses stay
Within the bustling city skyline
Let it be a story to tell

The city of the villages
All had gone through developments
Nothing was left to tell tales
We are left with the memories

Now kampong baru KL
It should remain as it is
It will attract tourists and locals
If the house-owners keep it well

They can even rent out rooms
On a daily basis to the foreign tourists or locals
Living within the city enclave of KL
It should draw the tourists

Though PH government want to offer
The kampong baru residents instant millionaires
But many are fighting for more higher premium rate
They can negotiate but don't squeeze the government

Personally, I feel let it be
Let the Malay village thrive within the city
Let the village be the talking point in history
Let the village be the tourists attraction

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