Saturday, September 14, 2019

the force marriage

For decades they were enemies
They fought bitterly in elections
They called each other names
They couldn't stomach to face each other

Since Amno baru lost its power
Its leaders are facing criminal charges
They have no choice but to force a marriage
And Pas is willing to ride on it

They use religion to forge a partnership
These leaders only talk of their own race
They don't see or understand the nation
We have many colours not colour of white

The young members will go for it
The old guards will have their reservations
The decade of bitterness can't be forgotten
In the backdrop the incident of Memali

The way they behave
It is still about their own kind
Nothing to do with the other races
God will punish them but they ignore

For they do not follow
The SOP of God
They use God's name in vain
For their own selfish gains

As with the short-gun marriages
The survival rate is questionable
The groundwork isn't solid to begin with
In time the bitterness will arise

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