Saturday, September 14, 2019

don't forget our roots

We shouldn't forget our roots
It will keep us grounded in facing our demons
We need a base to touch and rekindle the fire
Giving us strength to march ahead

Once we have forgotten our roots
We will lose our foundation of our times
The history in our life times
It shouldn't be forgotten

Now we watch the politicians
Many have forgotten their roots
Once they have the power
They act as if they are gods

They demand attention
They demand services
They will say they are the lords
The people should serve them!

Once they become arrogant
Once they forget it is the people power
They are the servants; they aren't the lords
They will be brought down without mercy

Many politicians will forget
The way they were before
They will learn their fate soon enough
They will see the exit doors

We mustn't forget our roots
It is our foundation of our times
Once we forget our history
We will fall like stack of cards

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