Monday, September 09, 2019

don't give too much homework

The young people feel depressed
In the modern society they live in
Too many homework and tuition
The parents barking them to succeed

A month ago
a 13 years old committed suicide
His father said too much homework
Leaving his son struggling to complete

Now Befrienders reported as young as 10 years old
Calling the hotline to say of their depression
Though the parents may be in the dark
The children struggling with their school work

Now the Education Minister must study it
The education needs must be revamped
Not many children like homework
Stream them into what they enjoy; study and do

Do not let the children die young
Education is a fun way to study and progress
It shouldn't be on homework controlling their lives
It leaves them nothing to enjoy their young times

I remembered my cousin
She didn't do her homework
She wasn't interested in it
Her parents said she would surely fail

But she surprised everyone
She got good grade in her examination
Her secret of success?
Pay attention in class

Everyone has different ability
The success depends on each person
Destiny of a person's life lies in his belief
What he enjoys and does his best

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