Sunday, September 29, 2019

the terrorists in our midst

The terrorists living in our midst
They blend in to feel relevant in society
Behind the back door they are planning
The chaos for the nation

They are the tools of Lucifer
They think they will go to paradise
They can dream all they like
Doing evil ways will land them nowhere

It isn't in paradise they dream
It is in the lake of fire they will soak in
There they will cry for compassion
Sadly they will hear their own echo

Satan will not any thing
He has no power to rescue
He can only watch and say
Don't do what I tell you!”

The terrorists hiding in sheep clothing
They can't fool the men in blue
The police will hunt them down
In every part they try to run

They can hide in darkness
but the light will expose them
Once they are in the light
Nothing will hide their evil ways

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