Friday, September 20, 2019

summer kisses misery in jail

Summer kisses misery in jail
One wrong move all will be gone
On lovers and lustful yearning
On you say I say who is to blame?

Love comes in many guises
Women come with many desires
Only the men must stay on alert
One wrong move the men in blue will knock

Summer kisses the women may let go
Once they change their minds the law will move in
The men will have a hard time trying to convince
Will a judge see through the charade?

Once I remember a case
A woman made a report on her boyfriend
The man was charged for using his fingers
On her privacy in the heat of romance

He was charged for statutory rape
This is the law enacted to protect women
Of the men lustful yearning to consummate
It will become I say you say who's to blame?

But the law gives protection to the women
The men will lose if they appear in court
So, the men should stay clear on their lustful yearning
Before they do, better record it on camera on consent

Summer kisses misery in jail
Once the women change her mind to rape
Women come with many desires
Then men will rot in the cage

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