Monday, September 16, 2019

the jungle trek of memories

Walk in the jungle trek
The long cool fresh air
With the bright sun ray
Blooming down from the sky

There is no heat
With the cool wind whoring in my ears
It feels good to walk in the jungle path
Leaving out the daily routines of life

The sound of birds and insects
Accompanying me on my walk
Leaving me with their memories
For they know they will not see me again

The walk to plant my footprints
Of those years living up in the hill
The last walk to remember
Eventually I never return again

Most people I knew
They left the place too
Some married and migrated
Some live in Australia; some in KL

I am in the tin city
Living the care free way
Though not like the hill
But life suits me here

Though I still think of the hill
The cool weather and songs of birds and insects
The girls who came and gone leaving their memories
I have my history leaving it all behind

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