Wednesday, September 18, 2019

the dust of ashes

The dust of ashes
Floating with the wind
Carrying it across
Ocean and land

The tiniest particles of ashes
It will cause us to be sick
First there is the watery eye
Need to wash with water constantly

While the politicians arguing
Who is to be blame on haze?
The country of people will suffer
Protesting will not help much

It is the country of origin
Where the enforcement is important
To control the spread of open burning
Here our DOE is sleep walking

There should have a mobile unit
Cruising to find any culprit for open burning
This unit shouldn't work in the day
It is at evening the open burning rampant

Enforcement will help the nation
As long as there are constant monitoring
The culprits will not dare to do it openly
Punish them and put them in jail

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