Friday, September 06, 2019

is it necessary to use live bullets in military show?

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The military show
Is it necessary to fire live bullets?
Now a major died at a young age of 36 years
He could accomplish as a general one day

But his destiny was dead by a live bullet
Though nobody could find fault on the soldier
It was a show gone horribly wrong
A life was taken leaving his young wife in grieving

He left his 5 children from a few months to 9 years old
These children will miss their father growing up
Maybe they will find a step father if their mother remarries
Now the army has to find ways to support his family

The military shouldn’t use live bullets
Once the soldiers aim on the wrong way
One bullet will take a life
Is it all necessary in military show?

RIP major
God wants you back early
You will be in good company
Leaving this world

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