Sunday, September 15, 2019

the wings of flight

The wings of flight
It takes off quickly
Up in the sky to feel free
Until the haze stops it

The wings of flight
On the ground to prepare
The next move to the sky
The Old Man has lost his sting

He can't face many head winds
It isn't a storm to break the wall in the mind
It is the playing back to his old way
Race and religion; fear and division

He's back to change what he did
A chance he seems to blow it off course
The tee-off doesn't hit the green
Because of distraction of the fallen giant

The Old Man should get his bearing in focus
Get the manifesto to lead the changes
This is the way forward for the nation
It isn't about 2R or 3R or 4R

He should learn from Indonesia
The way Indonesians conducted their affairs
They don't let religion dominate their lives
They are liberals and they show understanding

The majority race should wake up too
Don't get hooked on addiction
It will never help them to grow
Don't hope for legs up go out and make it

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