Saturday, September 28, 2019

the little sisters of the home in Penang

The Little Sisters of the Poor in Penang
The nuns help the sick and elderly to live
In their sunset years care by these unpaid nuns
They arrive from France to do a service above self

Yet these nuns face difficulty to renew their working visas
The lawyer and advisor says they need at least a 5 years visas
But the immigration officials can't help citing the policy
They can only give 12 month visas to the nuns

Though the lawyers write letters of appeal
To Home Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and DAP leaders
Everyone keeps a cool silence
DAP should wake up it is in Penang the Little Sisters of the Poor

The aging population will hit the country hard
Not many can afford to take care of their old parents or relatives
Many have their own families to feed and support
Where will the poor elderly go?

The Little Sisters of the Poor in Penang
The home provides a care to the aged and sick
None of our people want to provide services for free
Mind you the nuns aren't paid for their care

PH leaders better wake up now
Don't let power erode your values
Don't be arrogant the voters will punish you
You use to champion the poor and marginalized

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