Wednesday, September 22, 2021

the old routines must go


The wolf party

It can't change

The old routines

Buried too deep

It is about race

And the controlling stake

The bad way to progress

Because others are sidelined

In the decades

It doesn't even think

The changes needed

For the country to progress

Not by harping on 3R

Whereas the Rakyat is forgotten

Until the next general election

The wolf party

The invincibility was brought down

It will be hard to put it back again

It will experience the rain and shine

Sometimes the moon can shine it through

There is no way it can hide its bad intentions

It has been exposed in the news

Now the wolf party

Holding the seat of power

But on a weakness ground

As it is supported by coalition partners

Who subscribed to the same race supremacy

They show us they can't work together

They will try to run each other down the steps

Because they forget

Power and wealth see no race or religion

Every race will want to get a share of it

Through legal or illegal means to achieve the target

So it is better to be shared collectively with everyone

The prosperity can be achieved by all

Unless the wolf party sees the changes

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