Monday, September 06, 2021

we have to get used to C19


Rocking Rona will stay

We have to get used to the feeling

It will not disappear from our radar

It will hang there-sleeping or hanging or grinning

We can't be spending monies

Every year for the vaccines to protect ourselves

There will come a time to stop it

Because we are making big pharma richer

Now the deaths toll reached over 18K

Raining tears in our hearts and minds

Of the infected persons dead and gone

The memories for their families to hold

Don't hope too much on the vaccines

It is just building walls to stop the attacks

Rocking Rona can still break through the cracks

Our lives will tumbling down by the steps

But here are the remedies to help

In US the doctors used to cure their patients

Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Corticosteroids

Anti-coagulants with aspirin to fight C19

And the natural remedies to play its role

The supplements of vitamin zinc, vitamin D

Vitamin C and quercetin to stop the infection

It will help to build up the immune system

Learn to accept Rocking Rona will hang around

For as long as it wants to stay in the crowd

We can't be living in fear all the times

We have to come out and enjoy living!

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