Wednesday, September 08, 2021

the wrong move Mu will bring us down


The wrong move

As usual on the back door

Opening sectors like malls and cinemas

When we have Delta breathing down our necks

We still have over 18k infections daily

There is no reason to open up these sectors

Are we inviting more infections again?

When we can't control the current variant

Use common sense to judge the pandemic

The economy can wait till end of the year

But lives lost are gone for good

We can't have both ways to live by

We still have to control the pandemic

This is the main cause to handle

If the back door can't think through

We will face the rise of Rocking Rona

Bearing in mind we have a new variant Mu

Spreading its wings in 39 countries now

It may land on our shore the way back door is conducting

We will see the rise of infections again

The back door should get its priority right

The root cause is to control the virus

Once it has brought it down to a single digit

Then we can talk about the economy

Currently we still have the economic clusters

Causing by the opening up of business sectors

Have we lost sight of the pandemic?

The wrong move Mu* will bring us down

* a new variant of the virus

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