Friday, September 17, 2021

it must have been


It must have been

Religion of a race and money

Of power to stem authority

Branding a race to the top of the chart

What has it gotten us?

It must have been

We are the fools to believe in change

When a race is willing to stay in the cocoon

This is why the bad leaders reign

Marketing the bad slogans

Only for a race to rise

Lacking in harmony, economy and understanding

Rocking Rona hit us squarely

A race fails in its efforts to control

The spread hits the roof

The deaths make us cry

It must have been

The back door isn't locked

It allows the bad to enter smiling

The bad history the nation can't afford

It must have been

How we feel the shame

How we feel the let down

But we aren't giving up!

The real tsunami will make the change

It must have been

We will taste it once again

When we are back to fight for our rights

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