Monday, September 06, 2021

let Anwar has his last chance


Let Anwar has his last chance

Galvanized his troops for GE15

This will be his time to show his skills

The people will help him to win

Though he has to convince the rural folks

Too many decades living from spoon feeding

Like an addicted person finding hard to kick habit

Anwar has a tall order to break the jinx

Anwar doesn't need to waste his time now

Let the Turtle man play his game of the old

The Turtle man has no vision or balls for change

Anwar should get down to the grass-roots

Let the back door play its game

The other wolves may bite it

Because they don't get into the game

Anwar doesn't need to woo them

He needs to plan for GE15

Map out the strategies and action plans

No need to waste time on GE14

Let the wolves fight among themselves

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