Saturday, September 04, 2021

the old rhythm


The old rhythm

It shouldn't be playing again

The wolves should learn lessons

Unless they are too greedy

The ways of the old

It should be stayed yesterday

It shouldn't be cultivated or implemented

It will not bring good vibrations

Now the wolves sit on the throne

The power will flow so are the benefits

But they have to remember they aren't the majority

They are still strings to be pulled

Moo will not forget

How he was dumped by the wolves

He will wait for his chance

To do it one more time

Pakatan Harapan should stay away

No need to join the committees

It should be in the government roles

But the back door doesn't want to show

The back door doesn't talk of unity

Though the King requested it to be

Now the water has passed through the bridge

PH shouldn't even consider any roles to be played

The old rhythm

The wolves want to play

PH should stay away

Let the wolves fall on their way

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