Thursday, September 23, 2021

Rocking Rona changes


Rocking Rona

You tell them don't be fools

They don't want to listen

You make them realize the truth

Millions stuck at homes

Thousands get hooked up in hospitals

They don't realize the severity of it

They think it is a bad day

In hospitals they ask questions

Why they have to get it at all?

There will be no answer

The sad eyes facing the truth

Rocking Rona

A virus seems made by scientists

Somehow it escaped its home

Spreading its jaw of death in the world

It emerged as Alpha

Now it is Delta on the go

The next is Mu affecting 39 countries

If the people don't listen they will get Mu on the chart

Rocking Rona

Don't play around its invincibility

It is still better to follow rules and SOPs

And enjoying life with some restrictions

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