Friday, September 17, 2021

in the circle of Rocking Rona wind


It is always a wrong move

Allowing local tourists to flock in and out

Langkawi islands will be open to tourists

In the circle of Rocking Rona wind

It is meant for vaccinated tourists

Allowing them to unwind on the islands

The swap tests will be conducted on the spot

It means MOH is still worried

Bearing in mind vaccination is a wall

The virus still can drill holes and spread

Even every precaution is taken on the islands

Knowing people they will ignore the rules

We may encounter the islands cluster

As the new variant MU is attacking other countries

We haven't controlled the Delta infection

Now the opening of tourism sectors

Look at Singapore

80% had been vaccinated

Yet the island republic got a hike of infection

It tells us why we shouldn't hurry at all

Learn to be slow and steady

The economy can wait for now

In the pandemic we can't hurry along

Because the infection will rear its ugly story

It is good to stay alive

Though our pockets may feel empty

Economy can revive and bloom

But death is forever a sleeping beauty

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