Friday, September 24, 2021

it will not bring economic progress for all


The Moos

Don't play the supremacy race

Over 64 years still harping on it

Even want to take NM businesses

You have to work hard for it

You can't be spoon fed every time

The NM work hard for their business

They don't get any help at all

You don't take 51% stake

Without contributions of efforts

This is like a day light robbery

It will bring shame to the country

Maybe you want to be better then the wolves

They are the old hands with this method

Harping on the race agenda to take control

It is better to have a back bone to make it

The Moos like the wolves

Spoon feeding to get what they want

How can a race progress without competition?

They will be colonized by the economic power of nations

Let the races enjoy their fruit of their labour

Let them stay united to progress the nation

There mustn't be a one sided road for a race

It will not bring economic progress for all

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