Saturday, September 18, 2021

when we were young


When we were young

We didn't see disharmony in our lives

We didn't see race in our eyes

We lived and shared together

The good sport of rapport

We could brand with our smile

We didn't see anything wrong

We could eat our meals in harmony

We didn't see the taboos of anything

Even on religions of each faith

We were just friends living in joy

As we grew

Things or events began to change

We couldn't see the sparks at large

We only saw the differences

Of faiths, taboos, and rights

What we saw we were young

It has lost as we grown up in our world

In work, socializing and benefits

Things seem differently apply

The politicians will play up rhetorics

Wanting a race to control everything

Even then they aren't satisfied

They are still hungry for the bad fruits

They don't see the shame befall on the nation

When we were young

Everything was colour blind

We could help each other out

With toys or homework or eating together

But where the differences came to fool us?

Blame it on the racial politicians

They forgot their roots

So the shame hit the many colours

The nation has to suffer even today

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