Friday, September 17, 2021

the cold approach


The cold approach

Many guys get the shiver

Afraid to get rejected on the spot

When they start to approach women

There are many questions in the mind

Floating around what to say and do

How to handle a situation of rejection

Turn turtle and hide in the cocoon?

As you write many times before

Cold approach will make a man glow

In the long term he will bloom

As he masters his fear of approaching women

In every life of moving

Mistakes need to be made and learned

Even rejections walking on life

It is how everyone will start living

During my time I didn't learn a lot then

But your articles have shown the way ahead

Though I may not be in the game now

Once I was called a loser with women

I summoned my courage to show my friend

I took out 3 women out who happened they were friends

He kept his mouth shut since that day

I had a thumb up sign to last me in history

Cold approach in the beginning

The hardest chord to learn to strum

Once the fingers move on it

Slowly every way will be effortlessly easy

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