Monday, September 06, 2021

the cats of olds


The cats of old

Walking slowly no life at all

Knowing the time has come

They can't sleep or run well

Some grow thin and haggard

The appetite all slowly gone

They are preparing to go

The season of their times

A few of them had gone

Growing so thin with stomachs sunken in

One look they seem to have chronic ailments

It is the time the cats are reluctant to go

The fun in paradise

A short reign and finally has to retire

A few generations come to multiply

The growing years and the final season

One Romeo always on clock work

Every day in the morning sun

He will walk and hunt

A month ago he hasn't appeared

Maybe he has lost his territory

Maybe he has come to the term of his life

The cats of old start to make way

A new generation of cats will appear

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