Tuesday, September 28, 2021

the bees are dying


The bees are dying

Everywhere in the world

Without cross pollinations

Even humans will disappear too

The governments in the world

The leaders should sit down and listen

What the bees will say to survive?

Leave Nature alone!

The greed and corruption

The bad atttitude and toxic religious fever

It doesn't bring joy to the living

Even bees are dying

Because the governments in the world

The leaders want to clear land and developments

Drawing out nature causing bad vibrations

Bees are dying

Without bees in the eco-system

The cross pollinations will not be there

Slowly every breathing specie will collapse

When one key is lost the consequences will be bad

Even humans will not survive

God doesn't need to send flood for 40 days and nights

We will sign our own downfall for destroying nature

When we don't take care the gifts of our natural forests

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