Thursday, September 16, 2021

the tiny homes a trend in the West


The trend of the young people

They are fighting for nature to progress

Living in the bright light of nature

Claiming back their rights and freedom

Even homes they are looking

The tiny homes to blend and mix

With the communities they will share

It is happening in the Western countries

Even parents are restricting children

No more spending time on internet or movies

They are told to play outdoor breathe the fresh air

Love nature for all the natural glory of life

Some adults are on the move

Now they can work anywhere everywhere

They too can enjoy their live styles as they like

By driving a motor caravan for work and sight seeing

Something Asians need to focus too

They always think of big homes, fast cars and show off

The tiny homes should be a good start

Because it will not cost a bomb to buy

Maybe we don't see motor caravans yet

But by converting vans we can save on bills

We don't need to stay in hotels or motels

We can drive anywhere in the country as tourists

But Asians will worry about heat

Mosquitoes, snakes and wild animals

So it will be a while to get on the scheme

Maybe we reserve our forests and natural habits

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