Monday, September 13, 2021

the entrapment for PH


The entrapment for PH

Take a page from its manifesto*

Give it to them to sing

Its leaders will sing so loudly

The back door pulls in its trick

Gaming it up for the support

It shows the Turtle man has his worries

Knowing he doesn't command the support

The signing of MOU

There must be a clause to say

VOC must be in the agenda

Let the Turtle man stick his head out

As it is what was reported

PH is willing to support the back door

The wolves know they will face headaches

By using PH, Moo will stay his attacks

The changes want to be introduced

It needs to be done by this year

It will show the commitment and value

Otherwise it is a wool over the eyes

* a press conference on 13/9/21 at 5.00pm

to announce the MOU signing agreement

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