Wednesday, September 15, 2021

where she got the money?


Where she got the money?

Paying off her debts in million

Transparency should be shown

The Turtle man shouldn't answer

For the woman who got it settled

There must be trust to tell

How she received the fund to pay?

It isn't something she earned in quick time

The accountability must be shown

Let her speak of how she get her due

Did she declare her income to IRB?

Has she paid the tax on it?

There are questions still circulating

The woman needs to clarify how she get her fund

It shouldn't be swept underneath the carpet

But as minister in the back door

The truth will be kept indoors

Maybe IRB can enlighten the public

Has she paid her tax on the million?

It has been months

When it was said she paid her debts

The Turtle man should have given clarification

Not what has been reported elsewhere

The truth still needs to be answered

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