Sunday, September 12, 2021

the bargain to stay afloat


The bargain to stay afloat

The Turtle man faces his fear

Like Moo before him

He will copy the system

The kitchen cabinet shown it

He didn't pick new faces to run the show

It is the familiar faces nailed to the cabinet

He's afraid to walk a new road

Now he takes a few ideas

From PH to garner support

He knows he hasn't got a firmed hold

He can fall at any time

The grapevine says of his tenure

The other party of the wolves don't agree

He stitches back the old work horses to run

They wanted new faces to battle it out

PH shouldn't fall for the entrapment

There is nothing to gain for the party

It will benefit the wolves to stay

Read the moves know where it will lead

The Turtle man

The bargain to stay afloat

He knows he is at a weak spot

He will think of his politics

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