Sunday, September 05, 2021

the old work horses are back


The Turtle man

Back to the old scheme

Most of the old work horses are back

In his kitchen cabinet

Now Moo is back too

As NRP chairman

Is this the way forward?

It shows failure on the spot

The people aren't confident

The old work horses will gallop well

Out in the open field of Delta and poor economy

The set back will affect us all

The future of the next generations

They have to work harder to pay back dues

This isn't the way to progress a nation

It will show a fail report card

The Turtle man

No ideas how to think out of the box

He feels comfortable with the old ways

It will never bring the nation out of the wood

Rocking Rona will bite deep

When the back door opens up the sectors

As it is now happening on the clusters

Tackle C19; economy can wait

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