Wednesday, September 22, 2021

waiting for change


Waiting for a change

It happened 2 years ago

We saw it came

But the traitors took control

The back door waves

One gone but another returns

The same old folks in play

The same old routines nothing changes

Once it was the Moo

Everyday he had to please his backers

He got nothing to show

But his incompetence in all levels

He was disposed by the wolves

Now the wolves take control the reign

Yet it is still on the weak ground

They face the familiar problems of the Moo

Now the roles are reversed

The wolves have to please the backers

In every way possible to sit on the chair

There will nothing much to show

The days will be put out fires

Wasting time and fruitful ways

The wolves will not be able to do

Because old habits will return

The pandemic will hurt them

They can't find ways to make it return

The economy and stability

It will drag on for another year

Waiting for change

It will be a while

If the pandemic is not solved

It will not happen any time soon

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