Thursday, September 16, 2021

how the wolves will play the game


The Turtle man wins

The signing of MOU with Pakatan

It signals he has a back bone

He can walk with confidence

Now he can push back Moo

He knows he has an advantage

With the string of changes

He has to accomplished

Moo is off his back

The political move he needs

Even he doesn't worry

About the crocodiles too

Though MOU isn't CSA

The perception the Turtle man gets

He has a block of votes he can count

When he needs it in his administration

Pakatan Harapan may not lose a thing

Its leaders should be wary of the wolves

They can change shapes and thinking

Because the wolves don't like to share

Now the people may win some

Let us wait what the outcome will be

Within 60 days we should know

How the wolves will play the game

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