Sunday, September 19, 2021

don't try to pretend to live normal


Rocking Rona drives

Hard into our minds

Leaving us with bad memories

The wasted time and lives lost

It doesn't want to go away

Nearly 2 years it still catching us

The vaccines come on board

Fear of deaths drive us to get vaccinated

It only makes the big pharma richer

Because the vaccines only build walls for protection

It isn't a cure to stop the virus

We still need to follow rules and SOPs

Now the Western world countries

They will try to pretend nothing to worry

They don't wear masks in public places

They want to say “we want to live!”

Rocking Rona has to be controlled

Only then can we live in a new normal

Now the infection is still top the chart

Even those vaccinated can't escape its claws

We mustn't allow C19 free flow

It will cause us pain and sorrow

We still have to stick to rules and SOPs

Don't try to pretend to live normal

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