Saturday, September 11, 2021

the hungry men


The hungry men

Chasing women

Why don't they get?

Because the women see it through

The women like the intrigues

Of the chase and adventures

They don't like the story be seen

They smell it they are gone

But do the hungry men recognize failures?

They will keep chasing to the walls

Facing defeat yet they don't change

They think they can win it

They should practice pull/push technique

Let the women in then let them go a while

Let them feel the effect let them feel the urge

And one more thing stand tall with your frame

The best is cold approach

It builds courage and confidence

On the streets or in the malls

Walk slowly like a man full of tricks

Look at the bad guys

They can laugh at their mistakes

They are full of confidence

That's why women fall for them!

But the hungry men

The faces say it all

The women will ignore

They should learn how to play games

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