Friday, September 10, 2021

the back door nothing will smell good


The chief wolf

He stays silence in his mood

Maybe he has made deals

He wants to stay quiet

One wolf in the driver's seat

With his backing he has to do his deals

Though many will not know the agendas

Wait for the court cases to wrap it up

The grass-roots stay quiet too

They have their man on the job

They will salivate waiting for the meat

Though in the pandemic they wish it happen soon

The cash is king has his run

He still hopes he can escape

Playing his Houdini act

He conjures up his magic

But will he escape?

The Turtle man spends hours with him

Maybe trying to find ways to keep going to jail

It will be a problematic headache

Now there is one court cluster

The grapevine says he will be appointed as a deputy speaker

Yet he has got off on his court case

It is the wolf party way to doing business

Like Moo before the Turtle man

The script will be followed for support

The Turtle man tenures will be short lived

He is in the back door nothing will smell good

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