Friday, January 13, 2023

the politicians can't tell it simply


The politicians

They like the stage

They like the warm reception

They like the power in their titles

But the truth is hard to come by

They can't tell it simply

They want to beat around the bushes

As if they are a special breed

As some have echoed it before

They will speak differently to different audience

They think they are the smarter ones

Giving out words of wisdom

The truth is only meant for themselves

They like the power in their titles

They will forget how they get it

The voters who put the crosses for them

Now we hear of the opposite view

Once they used the Rocket as the bogeyman

This time they sing a different tune

But the members in 2 camps instead

The politicians

The truth will be in the end product

This is the way to judge their actions

Else it is a camouflaged tale

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