Saturday, January 28, 2023

a few were sacked by the wolf party


It's finally on

The wolf party starts to clean up

The bad apples in its rank

They finally got the suspension

A few were sacked

Undermining the party structure

They shouldn't say bad things of their own party

It sounds of betrayal in the party's constitution

Those who are keen on Moos and Crocodiles

They will be gladly accepted by them with open arms

They were the ones helping these parties to win

Now they may have a home to stay on and fight

They may have an honest way to change the party

But airing it during the campaign in GE15

It was on a bad taste playing by them

They were undermining their own party chances

On the whole these members deserved it

There will be no cry or regret as the outcome is known

They deserved the punishment for stabbing their own party

Planning their moves to get the back door back again

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