Friday, January 20, 2023

religion shouldn't be in politics


Religion must stay in the homes

Let the people pray for it then

It doesn't have to create a barrier

There is one God so we are told

Religion shouldn't be in politics

It will bring chaos in our way of life

The Christains did it centuries ago

It caused misery and pain to the people

Read the Crusades

The politics of wanting to conqueur

Where did the Crusades go?

It failed miserably to save souls

Now History will repeat itself

We read about Islam and its ways

The Muslims carry on the tasks

Copying the way of History

It will fail miserably to save souls

We read about them suffering in pain

The exact ways of the Crusades

History record yet they don't learn

Lives need to be saved

It isn't about LBGT+Q

The warped logic of a Mufti

He himself has committed his own sin!

LBGT+Q they have their votes

The Constitution will protect them

Nobody can take it away their rights

They are God's children too

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