Tuesday, January 17, 2023

action needs to be taken


When the talking is done

When the meeting is over

Don't try to let it forget

It needs to get off the ground

The old ways need a totally shake up

Give a time and days to break the chains

The inefficient ones have to go

The nation can't wait at the bottom

The bloated civil servants

A whopping 1.7 million in service

For a nation of 32 million people

It is a waste of tax payers monies

Too many over lapping departments

Draining the resources of the nation

The pension scheme seems to get higher

The articles in the Constitution needs to change

When the Constitution eats itself

As the many amendments to its core

It is time to get a new narrative

Learn from Thailand she seems all right

Action needs to be taken

Else those reporting will not change

The political master will come and go

The career civil servants will stay

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