Thursday, January 12, 2023

the wolf general election


The wolf General Election

On the cross-road to renewal

What will the members say?

Hit the top or stay for unity?

The wolf leaders want to stay

They can't afford a broken hit song

They understand they got the bruises

In GE15 they suffered a bad defeat

The majority of the branch leaders say

They don't want the top 2 posts be contested

They want the party to stay united for GE16

They have to start to penalize the traitors in their rank

The chief wolf announced the 10 leaders

Signing SD to support Pee Anne

Without the chief wolf approval

Now they want these MP removed

On the current situation facing the wolf party

It is best the top 2 posts stay uncontested

It is for the best interest of the party itself

Remove the traitors and heal the party inwards

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