Saturday, January 07, 2023

the political sharks


The political sharks

Still swimming in the oceans

Plunging deep in the seas

The splashes for all to see

The sharks are still free

Macc conducted one investigation

For years nothing seem to surface

The Sarawak white shark still smiling

There are still old big sharks

Swimming freely in the seas

Nothing has been done

Though grapevine still whispering

Some may have kept low

They don't make noise anymore

They don't want to attract attention

Maybe old age mellow their souls

But ikan bilis few charged and escaped

The net was porous they could swim away

The cases on them the judges dropped them

What will AG do too many cases lose?

Anwar Ibrahim should sniff the ground

He should know in the decades in opposition

The corruption of the big sharks and ikan bilis

It will take honesty to net them all in

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