Sunday, January 15, 2023

the wolves want unity


The wolf top 2 posts

The delegates voted not to contest

They reasoned for the continuity of it

Let these 2 leaders make the changes

As it is the wolves must stay united

The party got a bad outing in GE15

The members wanted a stable outlook

Now they have a better stay in government

The party needs to win back the Malay base

The last 2 GE it had lost touch with its core foundation

Because of corruption of its leaders in the press and courts

Many decided to teach them a good lesson in truth

Now the wolves are in the unity government

With its chief as the deputy prime minister

The unity in the party must stay intact

Though the turtle man doesn't agree

The wolf party must stay intact

If it ever wants to win back its core supporters

The clean up of traitors and corrupt must begin

They can't afford to lose badly in GE16

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