Sunday, January 08, 2023

Tian Chua finally got the boot


Tian Chua finally got the boot

This will close his ties to the Blue Eye

He was the darling during the Reformasi years

He served 2 terms as MP for Batu constituency

He fought hard during his days in Blue Eye

Mixing with the wrong kind of politicians

Finally his star wasn't burning bright

He will forever tuned to Azzmin's gang of turncoat

Tian Chua could have saved himself

Stick to his belief and stay on his course

But greed of contest in Batu

He lost his final chance to turn anew

In Batu he stood as independent

In a stroke he invited himself to be sacked

The Blue Eye finally booted him

There will no tears but a sad goodbye

Any coming up leaders

They must have patience to last the run

In politics impatience will cost the chance

Many have found out they lost their stand

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