Friday, January 13, 2023

the wolves stop whining


The wolves stopping whining

On MO1 in jail of fair justice

He had his fair deal in court

His corruption is proven beyond doubt

MO1 knew his action

This is his karma to be in jail

The wolves don't need to howl over it

Just hope you get over the bad leader

Think ahead the wolves

The man is in jail for his corruption

No need to shout to demand a fair trial

He got it comparing to others

His 1MDB is still dragging in court

In has been years yet the case is still unfinished

The judge is giving too much leeway for him

And the wolves keep whining of unfair justice?

Look ahead the wolf leaders

The nation needs to progress not regress

The former chief had his days in court

He deserves to be sent to jail for good

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